Take a look inside!

Our Story Jar starter kit comes with an assortment of fascinating little objects.

The little baubles come safely packed in a plastic bag for you to open when you’re ready and that will fill a jar (about the size of a wide mouthed spaghetti sauce jar) about a third of the way, leaving plenty of room for your own items, because you have so many memories to add.

As you build your unique Story Jar, the list of stories that grows out of it will spur a child's imagination.

The Story Jar is for use with adult supervision only. Be careful not to include anything sharp or dangerous, and break off any pins or sharp edges.

Young children are always at risk of biting or swallowing some of these bits and pieces. It should be stored in a secure place where they cannot get to it without adult help. Then, when you take it down from its ‘hiding place’ it adds extra excitement to the adventure you are about to begin. As they get older, the bigger kids can tell stories to their younger sisters and brothers.

There are no bad choices or answers.   Give the children time to think up original ideas and encourage them to be funny, silly or magical in their thinking.    Ask them to choose something different each time or change the stories for objects they like to repeat.   The STORY JAR is intended to expand their imaginations and creativity.