Do you ever wonder what to do with a toddler or a child (especially if you have limited mobility)?   Even teenagers will find the Story Jar experience fun and enlightening as they share stories from their own lives with their younger relatives.   We have the best solution ever.

Maybe the child has great storybooks that they enjoy, but after reading them over and over, even they can get tired of them. It's nice to have a choice for new stories that encourages their imaginations and excites them whenever it is brought out.

Your Story Jar can be filled with interesting and fun objects, including shells, toy animals, and an assortment of curiosities that can be the basis of real or imaginary stories. In short, you have an "open book" of ideas that you can invent together. We provide the "starter kit", which includes about a third of a jar worth of interesting items and a fun and information packed website that will help you along your story-telling journey.

The real excitement comes for you and the children when you add some of the trinkets and little memorabilia from your own life. We all have them and, mostly, they sit around on a shelf or in a box, forever.  Add your own items and use real stories for those bits and pieces. It’s perfect for personal and family stories you may want to pass down from generation to generation.   There is nothing like Story Jar items to bring the stories to life!

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